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  • Nelly Martins says:

    For my husband Eddie to be heal, our marriage restore and for him to find a job to be able to pay for our home. Financial breakthrough.

  • Nelly Martins says:

    Thanks for your prayers

  • Esther Canalez says:

    My name is Pastor Esther Canalez and I am expecting something to happen this year, I am just thanking God for his favor and blessing upon this vision that’s coming to pass..I have been asking the Lord for a warehouse to start the ministry of giving food, clothes, to the less fortunate, and no more am I asking, believing by faith that this year is my year, so just please keep this in your prayers..I heard pastor Jeremy Dunn speaking and hearing him something that he said just clicked in my heart..

  • Laura says:

    My boyfriend has been on rehab for the past three weeks for alcohol abuse. This Sunday he was granted a pass to attend Church. I pray he finds peace and strength to turn his life around.

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