Access your Giving Statement

Start by logging into

1 Click on your Profile at the top of the welcome page
2 Click on the Financial tab in your profile

Generating and Printing Giving Statements

Giving Statements can be generated from an individual profile and printed 1 at a time or via the Financial Reports section and printed in bulk.

Printing from an Individual Profile

1 Access the profile of the individual
2 Click the Financial tab
3 Click the Giving Statement link to open or print the report

Select the appropriate options for the statement


  • Family – Generates a combined statement for primary contact and spouse and separate statements for any gifts given by Children or Other family members
  • Individual – Generates 1 statement for each person in the family that has given during the date range

Date Range – This will determine which transactions to include in the statement based on the post date set for the transaction
Tax Deductible – Choose which transactions to include based on their tax deductible status: tax deductible, non-deductible, or both
Pledge Information – Includes a summary of all pledges set up for the individual or Family during the date range of the giving statement

4 Click Run Report to queue the report for delivery to your email address

5 You will see a pop-up message at the top of the page confirming the report will be emailed to you

6 NOTE – Make sure you have an email in your profile. You will be asked to enter a valid email address if you do not have one in your profile

7 In your email, click on the button to retrieve the giving statements en masse

Reading a Giving Statement

1 A list of all transactions found within the date range set:

  • The post date for the transaction
  • The type of transaction (check, cash, online, or other) and check # if applicable
  • Any memo notes included when entering the transaction
  • Chart of Account (COA) category the transaction was applied to
  • Amount of the gift

2 Tax-deductible: This section summarizes the transactions into totals by COA category.

3 Non-deductible: These gifts are split out into a separate category, if both tax-deductible and non tax-deductible, will be totaled separately.

  • If included, a summary of the pledges associated with the profile(s) will appear in this section as well.

4 Dates will include the range used for the statement and the actual date the statement was generated.