Hey There!

We are C/Life. It’s nice to meet you!

My First Visit

When visiting C/Life, all you need to remember is the color ORANGE. Follow it everywhere and you will be given all that you need to make your experience perfect!

When you arrive at C/Life you can expect to have a special parking spot we have saved just for you (follow ORANGE)!

You will be greeted by our “Dream Team” wearing guess what color shirts…yep, you guessed it  ORANGE!

From the parking lot to kids check in, to the main auditorium, our team will be able to guide you or answer any questions that you may have about your first experience.

You can even plan your first visit below. Enjoy!


Pastor Jeremy & Missy are so excited for you to come visit us this Sunday…look to the right, fill out your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you to personally welcome you home!”

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